Greg Robbins

New York-Based Jazz Vocalist from Atlanta


PC: Mary Claire Photo + Video

PC: Mary Claire Photo + Video



The wedding reception is the ultimate sacred party. It is the celebration of the union of two people that they will look back to for the rest of their lives. I have extensive experience in turning wedding receptions into serious, yet light-hearted, and classy, yet lively experiences that couples look back with joy and pride. 


The Greg Robbins Music LLC wedding reception experience is highly customizable. I am willing to travel anywhere globally, and have a large variety of musician/band-size options. If you would like to know more beyond the information below, contact me in the "CONTACT" tab or at


  • Atlanta's best jazz musicians
  • 3 hour reception (length under 3 hours doesn't change price, but above 3 hours will increase price)
  • 3 sets, with two 20 minute breaks (if you choose a 3 hour performance)
  • Recorded music during breaks (recorded music can play for longer than the standard 20 minute breaks if you desire)
  • All sound equipment
  • Transportation Costs (price increases with distance outside of Metro-Atlanta)



The most price-sensitive option, works well for a background music reception. This option includes me (vocals) and either a guitar or piano, your choice.


This option works well for dancing and background music receptions. This includes me (vocals), either a guitar or piano, and upright bass.


The most popular option, this includes me (vocals), either guitar or piano, upright bass, and drums. With the addition of the drums, it is a great option if you want people to dance, and it still works well as background music if desired. 


Also a popular option, this allows greater customizability. It includes me (vocals), either guitar or piano (or both), upright bass, drums, and either saxophone, trumpet, or trombone.


I can add as many musicians as desired! This allows you to get more of a big band feel, or to have both trumpet and saxophone, for example. Contact me for more information.